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Innovation diffusion, marketing new products and services, agent-based simulation modeling, financial innovations.

Mohammad G. Nejad is an associate professor of marketing and the chair of the marketing area at the Gabelli School of Business. He studies firm decisions regarding the introduction and management of new products and services. He explores how complex interactions among consumers and firm activities affect the diffusion of new products and services in the market. He has collaborated on research projects at the Enterprise Simulation and Optimization Lab and the FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management, two research centers within the FedEx Institute of Technology. His research has appeared in the Journal of Retailing, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and the European Journal of Operational Research. He has over a decade of experience, prior to starting his PhD, in both software development and marketing. He designed and developed software solutions for customer management, billing, and data-management systems at CSG Systems and Bank of Montreal. He also co-founded an Information Technology company and subsequently served as the CEO. He received his PhD in Marketing from the University of Memphis.


Nejad, Mohammad G., and Katayon Javid (2018) “Subjective and Objective Financial Literacy, Opinion Leadership, and the Use of Retail Banking Services,” International Journal of Bank Marketing, 36(4), 784-804.

Nejad, Mohammad G., and Genevieve O’Connor (2016), “An Intersectional Approach to Evaluating Consumer Financial Literacy,” Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 21(4), 308-324, Equal contribution.